Do You Need To Find an AC Tune-Up Company?

Almost everybody has air conditioning devices. And most of us know very little about how they operate. If we have a small unit, we may know that we need to check the air filter regularly – typically annually. The smaller AC gadgets are maintenance-free so there is not an awful lot to do aside from changing the filter. These AC filters usually cost several hundred bucks to replace. Hiring an expert to come out to service our little AC doesn’t make sense.

But for more high-priced AC systems, it’s a different story. Many big air conditioners cost thousands of bucks and are made to be serviced by a professional – possibly yearly or once every two years. Typically, the more costly the system, the higher the need for maintenance services will be.


What Are AC Check-Ups and Why Are They So Important?

If you’ve got a highly-priced AC unit, it probably worth it for an expert to help out with check-ups frequently. Regular servicing can save money by preventing pricey repairs or even replacements. Regular services of a high-priced cooling unit can include:


  1. Checking thermostat health
  2. Tightening electrical connections and test the load on the device.
  3. Inspecting all moving components that need to be replaced.
  4. Inspecting the coolant.
  5. Checking the controls of the unit.
  6. Cleaning and lubricating the AC coils.
  7. Checking the refrigerant level.
  8. Adjusting/replacing all components where necessary.


In addition, you should ask your expert to change the air filter. This may be done effortlessly by you, if you know the steps. That being said, your AC professional can tell you how and how often to replace the filter of your specific system.


AC Check-Ups – Should You Hire a Professional For This?

The above list of tasks needs to be done often on high priced AC systems by a professional AC person. These things aren’t essential on cheap AC units, because the replacement price is so small, and the unit is designed to run with little maintenance. On a larger device, we must hire an AC expert, considering the fact, that we wouldn’t be able to recognize what check-ups we need to do or the way we should do it. Hiring a professional to do regular tune-up work will help us prevent expensive repairs and breakdowns in the future.


How Do You Find a Qualified Expert To Take Care of This For You?

First, get familiar with your own AC device. Determine its type, brand, model, and maintenance history. Make observations of any current problems inside the device. Most of the time, you know that your unit is not working well if your household is not getting cool enough. Then you are ready to find your AC professional.

Initially, do an online search for a local contractor that could service your brand of AC. Next, ask around among your business pals for recommendations. Look within the phone book for HVAC services. Look online for reviews of the potential companies you will be hiring as well.

To narrow down your selected cooling service providers, (to about 3 of them), make sure you only select the ones who have the appropriate licensing and work permits to do the job you need to be done. It’s also smart to visit the service providers directly instead of just calling. The office employees have to be capable of answering your questions – this is a great sign of professionalism. Check to see if they offer AC maintenance programs and inspection services. Perhaps they offer memberships for continuous tune-ups at a reasonable price. While there, you could talk to one of their AC professionals (the owner) and see if they sound and look professional as well. If they answer your questions efficiently, offering good pricing and their reviews are solid – rest assured that you’ve made the right hiring decision.