Are Air Conditioning Check-Ups Worth It in the Indianapolis City?

Almost all of us have air conditioning units. And most of us know very little about how they work. If we have a small unit, we may know that we need to check the air filter every so often, usually yearly. The smaller AC units are enclosed enough that there is not much to do other than clean the filter. These units only cost several hundred dollars to replace. Hiring a professional to come out to service our little AC doesn’t make sense.

But for more expensive AC units it is a different story. Many AC units cost several thousand dollars and are made to be serviced by a professional; perhaps yearly or twice per year. Typically, the more expensive system will be a central AC unit with ductwork to various parts of the building.



The Value of Continuous AC Tune-Ups

If you have an expensive AC unit, it probably is cost-effective for a professional to service your system regularly. Regular servicing can save money by preventing expensive repairs. Regular services of an expensive unit can include:

  • Check thermostat settings.
  • Tighten electrical connections and check the load on the system.
  • Lubricate all moving parts that need periodic lubrication.
  • Inspect condensate drain.
  • Check system controls (off and on functions).
  • Clean AC coils.
  • Check the refrigerant level.
  • Adjust blower components as necessary.


In addition, you should keep the filter(s) clean. This can be done easily by you. Your AC professional can tell you how and how often to service the filter.



AC Maintenance – How Important Is It Really?

The above listing of maintenance items is to be done regularly on expensive AC systems by a professional AC person. These services are not necessary on a little AC unit, since the replacement cost is so small, and the unit is designed to run with little maintenance. On a larger system, we must hire an AC professional since we wouldn’t know what maintenance to do or how to do it. Hiring a professional to do regular maintenance prevents expensive repairs and AC breakdowns.


Advice on Picking a Solid Air Conditioner Tune-Up Service Company

First, get acquainted with your own AC system. Determine its type, brand, model, and its maintenance history. Also, check with your previous HVAC provider to see if any AC repair services were provided to see if your unit had any problems in the past. Also make note of any current problems in the system, such as a room not getting cold enough. Then you are ready to find your AC professional.

Initially, do an online search for a local company that can service your brand of AC. Next, ask around among your business associates for recommendations. Look in the yellow pages for HVAC services. Look online for reviews of your prospective companies.

In narrowing down your candidates (to about 3 prospects), keep in mind that the company needs the appropriate warranties to operate. Walk into each office. The office personnel should be able to answer your questions about helping you maintain your system. Maybe they offer AC maintenance programs and inspection services. Perhaps they offer memberships for continuous support at a reasonable price. While there, you may talk to one of their AC professionals (the experts). Nothing beats a person to person discussions. You will likely have found your AC professional by this point.